Create the Perfect Beer

That’s our mission.

Has been ever since we brewed our first batch. After years refining our recipes — a little less malt, a few more hops, experiment with different yeast strains — we are still going strong. In the early days, our commitment was so intense our wives and neighbors thought we might be doing something illegal.

We’re less suspect about it now, but no less driven to make the best beer possible. MoMac brews a high-quality beer as well-balanced as it is approachable. The regular crew at MoMac runs the gamut from beer lovers to curious folks interested in trying something new. MoMac has always been by the community, for the community. We started brewing in a Chesapeake garage, and we’re proud to give Western Hampton Roads a brewery of its own.

It’s more than beer for us; MoMac is a place for the whole neighborhood to have fun. That’s why we’ve got a huge bar, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, a private party area, weekend shows by killer musicians, and good eats.

Come hang at MoMac for a cold beer and a great time. We can’t wait to share our passion with you.

Beer tanks
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